Cocktail Creation!

You won’t find a cocktail of the week at Angels’ Share, and when we do create something, be assured, we take our time with it.

And here is our very first Cocktail Special…..

Whisky-Vermouth-Cherry Bitters

Basically a 50/50 Rob Roy, one of the most iconic Scottish cocktails of all time, and in turn is essentially, a scotch Manhattan cocktail.

Sit tight, and let us tell you what makes this different….

So we start with Discarded vermouth. Which is a delicious, port-like vermouth made with Cascara, the fruit of the coffee berry, which is normally discarded during production, wasting literally billions of tonnes of fruit. It is then infused along with a selection of botanicals into a base spirit and then blended with sherry that is used to season whisky casks, which is ordinarily, also, Discarded.

We have chosen Glenfiddich 15 year old solera whisky to pair with this, specifically because, as Discarded is the brainchild of William Grant & Sons, it is very likely, that the sherry used in the vermouths creation, was actually used to season the casks the 15 year old was laid to rest in….thus bringing this cocktail, FULL CIRCLE.

Thanks for listening ?

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